How Do I Remove The Login Link From The Login Page
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My Suggestion

I would suggest removing the "login" link and the message saying you are not logged in on the "/login/" page. Clicking that link only brings you back to the same page. Not only is there no need for the link, but it may cause confusion with some students.

How I Did It

This is how I made the changes on my site. Near line 300 in the /login/index.php file.

// I'm sure there's a better way to do it, but to save time, I just did this.
// I changed $loginsite,  to $loginsite2,  to eliminate the Login link on the login page.
// NOTE the 2nd one is now loginsite2
    print_header("$site->fullname: $loginsite", $site->fullname, $loginsite2, $focus, 
                 '', true, '<div class="langmenu">'.$langmenu.'</div>'); 


// I also thought that there is no need for the standard FOOTER on the login page, so I did this.
// Commented this out, so no footer on the login page.
//    print_footer();
// Added this:
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