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  • I've put these here primarily for myself so I can remember what I did, the next time I upgrade Moodle.
  • You may use them if you like, but please don't ask for support. I just don't have the time.


  • Use these are your own risk.
  • They work for me, but don't blame me if they don't work for you or if they completely destroy everything you have.
  • As with any "hacks," or installations of any new versions of software, including Moodle upgrades, you should make backups of everything before playing around -- just in case something goes wrong.

Very Simple Hacks

Replace the default user icon.

  • To encourage students to quickly upload their own photos, replace the default "user" icons with something less attractive.
    • Idea #1: Use a gender-free anonymous silhouette. (This is what we currently do.)
    • Idea #2: Use a gender-free image of a pig, a monkey, a frown face, etc. (We used a pig for a while.)
    • Where are the icons?
      • /moodle/pix/u/f1.png & /moodle/pix/u/f2.png
    • These are the 2 we are currently using. (The yellow matches the theme we use for forums and blogs.)

Include the Google search form, YouTube videos, etc. in blocks.

  • Just copy and paste the appropriate HTML code into the standard HTML block.
  • Other ideas: dictionary search forms, a clock, the local weather, ...

Menu of More Difficult Hacks

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