Fixes That I Have Reported
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Why are these here?

  • These are things I have reported, so hopefully will not be something I have to do again.
  • However, in case the Moodle programmers don't agree with me, I've listed these so I can remember to do these fixes on future installs of Moodle,


  • Date reported: April 4, 2007
$string['strftimedate'] = '%%B %%d, %%Y';
$string['strftimedatetime'] = '%%B %%d, %%Y, %%I:%%M %%p';
$string['strftimedaydate'] = '%%A, %%B %%d, %%Y';
$string['strftimedaydatetime'] = '%%A, %%B %%d, %%Y, %%I:%%M %%p';
$string['strftimerecentfull'] = '%%a, %%b %%d, %%Y, %%I:%%M %%p';

The Reason:

  • In American English, we use:
    • April 9, 2007
  • Not:
    • April 9 2007
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