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Why the Hack?

  • We use the registration as part of our homework for the first lesson.
  • We wanted students to submit a certain amount of information right away, so we have the information, even if the students have trouble with the email authentication.
  • The submitted information automatically goes into the students' profiles.
  • I also wanted to make this bilingual (Japanese and English).
  • This is meant to be used with email authentication. If you don't do that, then this hack is of no use to you.
  • We also wanted to preset some of the profile options.
    • <input type=hidden id="menumaildisplay" name="maildisplay" value="0">
      • To protect students' privacy, we wanted to hide email addresses by default from everyone except the teachers.
    • <input type=hidden id="menumailformat" name="mailformat" value="0">
    • <input type=hidden id="menuautosubscribe" name="autosubscribe" value="0">
    • <input type=hidden id="menuhtmleditor" name="htmleditor" value="0">


  • This hack includes another hack in which I substituted "Hobby / Interests / Free Time" for "City."

How to Install

  • Rename the existing file (login/signup_form.html) to something else, so you can revert to it if you don't like this one.
  • Put the "signup_form.html" from this zip file into the "login" folder.



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