How can the admin allow teachers to see courses that the teachers themselves have hidden?
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I wrote this for the Moodle Wiki on April 18, 2007, based on Moodle 1.8.

  1. Go to admin/roles/manage.php?action=edit&roleid=3 (Or you can navigate there by using this route: Administration >> Users >> Permissions >> Define Roles (then click "Teacher")
  2. Do a "find" in your browser for "course:viewhiddencourses" or browse down to the "Courses" settings.
  3. Click the 2nd radio button ("Allow")
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Save changes."

This apparently won't work, if the follwoing is true.

  • If the admin has hidden previously taught courses by putting them in a hidden category, then teachers will still not be able to view their own hidden courses.

See the Moodle Wiki on this subject.

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