How Do I Get The Link In The Participants List To Directly Go To The Users Blog
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File to Change


What to Change

Near line 561 (of Moodle 1.8+), comment out the line and insert your own line.

//CK      $profilelink = '<strong><a href="'.$CFG->wwwroot.'/user/view.php?id='.$user->id.'&amp;course='.$course->id.'">'.fullname($user).'</a></strong>';
$profilelink = '<a href="'.$CFG->wwwroot.'/blog/index.php?userid='.$user->id.'&amp;course=61">'.fullname($user).'</a>';

The //CK commented out line is the original.

We have all our blogs in the course with the id 61. Your may be different.

Why Make This Change?

We wanted to be able to quickly check our students' blogs without needing to do multiple-clicks to get there.


You have to remember to click the users' pictures to see their profiles, because now clicking their names jump to the blogs.

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