How Do I Display The Number Of Forum Entries By A Given Participant
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In this file: /mod/forum/user.php, After this line (#85 for me),

// Get the posts.
    if ($posts = forum_search_posts($searchterms, $searchcourse, $page*$perpage, $perpage, 
                                    $totalcount, $extrasql)) {

Insert this line.

 echo 'Number: '.$totalcount;

Or insert it formatted a bit, like this.

 echo '<font size=5 color="#FF0000"><b>Number: '.$totalcount.'</b></font>';

Now when you click "Forum Posts" in a user's profile, at the top you'll see the number of posts he/she has made.

Do the Same for Blogs

Around line #85 in the file /blog/lib.php, ...

        $totalentries = get_viewable_entry_count($postid, $bloglimit, $start, $filtertype, $filterselect, $tagid, $tag, $sort='lastmodified DESC');
        $blogEntries = fetch_entries($postid, $bloglimit, $start, $filtertype, $filterselect, $tagid, $tag, $sort='lastmodified DESC', true);

Just after the above insert this.

echo 'Number: '.$totalentries;

Or this.

echo '<font size=5 color="#FF0000"><b>Number: '.$totalentries.'</b></font>';
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