How can I run multple installations of Moodle on the same server?
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  1. Install each Moodle in its own directory.
  2. Set a unique "Cookie prefix" for each Moodle.
    • Administration/Sever/Session Handling

It looks like this.

Cookie prefix (sessioncookie)

This setting customises the name of the cookie used for Moodle sessions. This is optional, and only useful to avoid cookies being confused when there is more than one copy of Moodle running within the same web site.

Why would I want to run multiple installations?

  • You may want to have one public Moodle that allows guests and one private Moodle that doesn't.
  • Perhaps each department at your university needs its own Moodle.
  • You may want to be running the current stable version, while also testing a newer beta version of Moodle.
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