How can I make one set of files accessible by multiple courses?
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Here are several ways.

  • The Admin can put them in the °»site files°… area.
    • Note that anyone in the world can access these, so they are not private.
  • Create a metacourse, then make all courses that need the files "child" courses. Teachers can then link to the metacourse files.
  • The Admin can make a non-Moodle directory (folder) within the "/moodle" directory and FTP files to that folder.
    • Example: /moodle/stuff/
  • Teachers can put the files on another web server, then link to the files.

Why You Might Want to Do This

  • You have quizzes in various courses that need to access the same images, videos or audio files.
  • Teachers can easily share quizzes using the "publish" function, but that doesn't share linked (embedded) files, only the text.
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