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Block Daily English-Japanese Quiz

  • Tested with Moodle 1.6, Moodle 1.7 and Moodle 1.8
    • English teachers in Japan might want to use this.
    • It's a block that is similar to this web page: Daily English-Japanese Matching Quizzes
    • If you don't know how to install a block, read the documentation on the Moodle website.

Here's an image:

Block Admin_Teacher

    • This is just a very small hack of the "admin" block issued with Moodle 1.8+ (April 14, 2007)
    • I gave it a unique name, so teachers have the option to still choose the original admin block.
    • Why the hack?
      • I wanted an admin block only visible to teachers, since I'm using the "course menu" block that already has everything students need.
    • What was changed?
      • // CK 070414 - See line 51. (Otherwise same as the Admin Block Moodle 1.8+ April 14,, 2007)
    /// CK 070414 - Only seen by teacher, on courses, and not by students anywhere.
        if (has_capability('moodle/course:update', $context)) {
        } else {
        return $this->content;
    /// END CK 070414 - 
  • This code is inserted just before the following line.
    /// Course editing on/off
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