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Vocabulary Study
English Vocabulary Word Lists with Games, Puzzles and Quizzes
English Vocabulary Games with Pictures (JS)
Easy Vocabulary Quizzes (JS)
Search for Sentences Used by VOA (CGI)
VOA Dictionary Flashcards (F)
Flash Flashcards (F)
Online Dictionary Flashcards (F)
Vocabulary Study Using a Cell Phone (CGI)
Spelling & Vocabulary Study
Catch the Spelling Games (F)
Spelling Quizzes for all of VOA's Special English Words (F)
Reading English Signs (Photos)
Texts of VOA's Special English Broadcasts
Texts of VOA's Wordmaster
Word Puzzles
WordWeb Games (F)
Anagrams (600+)
Word Find / Word Search (J)
Scrambled Words (J)
Jumble (J)
Crossword Puzzles (F or J)
Flash Quizzes (F)
Flash Matching Quizzes (F)
VOA Quizzes (F)
Super Quiz Machine - 3,000+ Questions (CGI & JS)
Quiz Show (J)
Sentence Puzzles
Scrambled Sentences (JS or J)
See the Matching Quizzes in the Proverbs section.
Grammar Fun
Random Sentence Generator (JS)
Magnet Boards (J)
English Sentence Machine (F)
Daily Page (New Every Day)
Word Games
Flash Hangman (F)
JavaScript Hangman (JS)
Java Hangman (J)
CGI Hangman (CGI)
WordMeister (J)
Word Based Games: JigWords, MatchWords & SpeedWords (F)
Joggle for advanced students (JS & CGI)
Pages with Sound
American English Pronunciation Practice (F)
Listening Room (JS & RealAudio)
Audio Concentration / Memory Games (F)
Listen & Read Along (F)
Podcasts (MP3 Files)
Learn a Song Podcast
Jokes in English Podcast
Listen and Repeat Podcast
VOA Special English Podcast RSS
(Just an RSS Feed - Not Our Podcast)
Experimental Ideas for Studying ESL on the Web - Sentence Singer, Computer-assisted Writing, Travel Survival, Miranda Warning, ...
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Site Map

Other Things on This Web Site

Many Things Textbook SupportJapanese Language Study
This textbook is only distributed in Japan.
Teachers teaching in Japan may want to view some sample pages from the textbook.
Charles Kelly's Japanese Study Website
Quizzes and Flashcards for Japanese Language Learning.
Japanese Language Interface to This Website & Additional Activities
We teach English in Japan, so some of the things we have developed are for people who read Japanese. We have put all of those things here.
Japanese Interface
Japanese Menus

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