English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Zip" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2255472	Your zipper's open.	CK	1
2647637	My zipper got stuck.	CK	1
1092172	Tom zipped up his bag.	CK	1
1092171	Tom zipped up his fly.	CK	1
289573	He zipped open his bag.	CK	1
2358667	I have a broken zipper.	CK	1
1023871	Tom zipped up his coat.	CK	1
1877567	Tom unzipped his jacket.	CK	1
1095587	Tom can't get out of his sleeping bag. The zipper is stuck.	CK	1
1848936	The zipper is stuck.	Spamster
1848937	Your zipper is open.	Spamster
1682800	He unzipped his pants.	Spamster
289574	He zipped his bag shut.	CK
299694	He zipped up his jacket.	CK
3162164	Help me zip up my dress.	CK
1682799	Your pants are unzipped.	Spamster
2958419	Tom unzipped his backpack.	CK
2644300	Tom unzipped his knapsack.	CK
53457	My zipper stuck halfway up.	CK
2543934	Tom zipped up his jumpsuit.	CK
1555351	The ZIP code here is 14080-000.	erikspen
61047	This zipper doesn't zip smoothly.	CK
2540753	Tom zipped up his leather jacket.	CK
2903610	The zipper on my jacket got stuck.	Hybrid
1030085	Mary asked Tom to zip up her dress.	CK
2751662	Can you come and help me zip up my dress?	Hybrid
35909	Can you tell me what the zip code is for New York?	CK
2957771	Tom put his duffel bag down on the ground, and then unzipped it.	CK
1845245	Aarhus, the second-largest city in Denmark, has the zip code 8000.	danepo
2537066	We zipped our two sleeping bags together to make one big sleeping bag.	CK