English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Zero" in Example Sentences
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73474	Count from 10 down to zero.	CK	1
2280194	It's six degrees below zero.	_undertoad	1
241851	It is ten degrees below zero now.	CK	1
2655081	Last night, the temperature went down to ten degrees below zero.	CK	1
682520	Zero comes before one.	Source_VOA
2797850	Zero is a special number.	carlosalberto
1669565	The default value is zero.	Spamster
680358	It's thirty degrees below zero.	Source_VOA
21122	Thermometers often go below zero.	CK
2259453	The temperature's fallen below zero.	_undertoad
21121	The thermometer went down below zero.	Swift
681014	Water freezes at zero degrees Celsius.	Source_VOA
22909	We had to start our business from zero.	NekoKanjya
682519	There are two zeros in the number "2010."	Source_VOA
242172	It was ten degrees below zero this morning.	CK
244752	The temperature fell below zero last night.	CK
25463	The thermometer reads three degrees below zero.	NekoKanjya
1873240	The temperature fell to five degrees below zero.	al_ex_an_der
2475	Water freezes at zero degrees Celsius, doesn't it?	Zifre
2737803	The temperature outside is four degrees below zero.	catcher
1155819	In my city, the temperature is one degree above zero.	alexmarcelo
1008938	The temperature has been below zero for many days now.	AOCinJAPAN
242231	It was below zero this morning, but I cycled to school.	CK
307581	They conducted a series of experiments under zero gravity.	CK
268346	A good lawyer will always zero in on a key piece of evidence.	CM
241785	In the current slump, economic growth has fallen to zero percent.	CM
269185	The new birth policy is aimed at achieving zero population growth.	CK