English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Yawn" in Example Sentences
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2005186	Tom yawned.	CK	1
1663807	Tom is yawning.	Amastan	1
3314969	Tom gave a big yawn.	CK	1
2646294	Tom suppressed a yawn.	CK	1
2546948	Tom tried not to yawn.	CK	1
1095050	Tom couldn't stop yawning.	CK	1
21841	Cover your mouth when you cough, sneeze, or yawn.	NekoKanjya	1
252653	I suppressed a yawn.	CM
3060748	Stop yawning and stretching.	sharptoothed
1728314	I am yawning because I feel sleepy.	Amastan
1138317	Yawning in a meeting is not polite.	alexmarcelo
22954	We yawn when we are short of oxygen.	CK
277940	Being bored, the audience began to yawn.	Zifre
307803	Every time I looked at him, he was yawning.	Zifre
530021	When you yawn, cover your mouth with your hand.	aandrusiak
306066	They were all so tired that they could do nothing but yawn.	Dejo
3236802	Put your hand over your mouth when you cough, sneeze or yawn.	patgfisher
1953441	When I woke up today, I yawned, stretched, rubbed the sleep out of my eyes, and put on a pair of slippers.	_undertoad