English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Writer" in Example Sentences
Page 1

593249	He is a writer.	CK	1
2272894	Tom is a writer.	CK	1
2240795	We're both writers.	CK	1
303504	He is a good writer.	CK	1
257701	I aim to be a writer.	CM	1
316887	She is a good writer.	CK	1
2954716	You should be a writer.	CK	1
953840	I'm not much of a writer.	CK	1
2954901	You're a talented writer.	CK	1
908757	Who's your favorite writer?	CK	1
1103619	I think he's a great writer.	CK	1
1025089	Tom is an established writer.	CK	1
260964	I consider him a great writer.	CM	1
908747	Who's your favorite song writer?	CK	1
240612	The man you see over there is a famous writer.	CK	1
249813	I can't figure out what the writer is trying to say.	CK	1
370544	We met a writer.	saeb
1702726	He's a talented writer.	Spamster
791248	This writer is Russian.	CM
802948	He was a poet and writer.	Source_VOA
296859	He is admired as a writer.	CM
1629152	He works as a ghost writer.	Spamster
1486987	He's a world-famous writer.	rkqb
1487087	Tom is a comic book writer.	Spamster
3314970	I'm not a big letter writer.	CK
315751	She is a short story writer.	mamat
435291	He makes a living as a writer.	papabear
303505	He proved to be a good writer.	CK
680648	The writer is deep in thought.	Source_VOA
2957037	Tom is a very talented writer.	CK
296857	He is a writer and a statesman.	CK
313802	She earns a living as a writer.	CK
47780	The writer is well known to us.	Eldad
291588	He is a very imaginative writer.	CK
68374	The writer has an excellent style.	CK
41195	Most writers hate being criticized.	CK
256931	I am a writer rather than a teacher.	CK
53879	Shakespeare is the name of a writer.	CK
244302	Writers often refer to a dictionary.	CM
296858	He is a teacher rather than a writer.	CK
315267	She became famous as a mystery writer.	CK
2961552	Luis Leal was a Mexican-American writer.	meerkat
33304	Most writers are sensitive to criticism.	CM
2258545	He was the most famous writer of his day.	_undertoad
2700469	Have you ever thought of becoming a writer?	CK
2961554	Monica Sone was a Japanese-American writer.	meerkat
908744	Who's your favorite science fiction writer?	CK
1979609	The truth is that I want to become a writer.	AryKiss
67010	What do you think of those Japanese writers?	CM
47775	That writer is well known all over the world.	CM