English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Worker" in Example Sentences
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2549090	I'm a hard worker.	CK	1
293764	He is a hard worker.	CK	1
1890956	I'm a social worker.	CK	1
37194	Tom is a good worker.	CK	1
2547589	Tom is a hard worker.	CK	1
22978	We need more workers.	CK	1
2646395	Tom is my best worker.	CK	1
1044068	He hired some new workers.	CK	1
326360	The workers are on strike.	CK	1
16343	You're really a hard worker.	xtofu80	1
2048416	Tom is just a part-time worker.	CK	1
477344	I'm just a regular office worker.	CK	1
477342	I'm just a plain old office worker.	CK	1
807261	Millions of workers lost their jobs.	Source_VOA	1
326342	The workers took pride in their work.	Nero	1
655864	The workers were proud of their work.	CK	1
680361	Tom is the best worker in our company.	Source_VOA	1
460359	When he was young, he was a hard worker.	CK	1
48010	Many workers were laid off at that plant.	CM	1
326364	The workers asked for an increase in pay.	CK	1
242877	Let's let the workers go home early today.	CK	1
326345	The workers united to demand higher wages.	CM	1
1094871	Tom did a good job organizing the workers.	CK	1
681477	Many workers were trapped in the coal mine.	Source_VOA	1
1025458	Tom has a son who is a construction worker.	CK	1
281738	We often hear it said that Japanese are good workers.	CM	1
1027303	The workers at Tom's company are demanding shorter working hours.	CK	1
1144626	If you want your workers to be happy, you need to pay them a decent wage.	CK	1
909568	Some healthcare workers spend more time doing paperwork than taking care of patients.	CK	1
64049	Dad is a hard worker.	CK
256575	I am an office worker.	CK
2803981	The workers are angry.	Hybrid
299853	He is a careful worker.	CK
294646	He is an office worker.	CK
2957027	Tom is a social worker.	CK
1996924	He's a very hard worker.	Spamster
257360	I'm a government worker.	CM
806875	Workers lost their jobs.	Source_VOA
304771	He took on extra workers.	CM
52733	John employs 200 workers.	Swift
2215959	The workers are striking.	Guybrush88
802966	He also needs many workers.	Source_VOA
303822	He is a really good worker.	CK
1740827	He's a construction worker.	Spamster
2258591	He's a very zealous worker.	_undertoad
2718462	The workers went on strike.	Hybrid
298961	He is, indeed, a hard worker.	CM
287178	His brother is a hard worker.	CK
251666	My father is an office worker.	CK
680810	They employ temporary workers.	Source_VOA