English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Wooden" in Example Sentences
Page 1

261969	I have a wooden comb.	CK	1
38018	I'd rather live in a wooden house.	CK	1
329648	Wooden buildings catch fire easily.	fcbond	1
2026401	I want a jump rope with wooden handles.	CK	1
436655	I have a wooden table.	lukaszpp
55385	This is a wooden comb.	CK
55384	This is a wooden house.	CM
389014	This is a wooden table.	Guybrush88
297725	He carved me a wooden doll.	CK
2980757	Wooden chairs are expensive.	pne
2202508	How much is that wooden chair?	Pun_intended
2259321	The garden has a wooden fence.	_undertoad
463030	The wooden chair is expensive.	lukaszpp
323592	Wooden houses catch fire easily.	CK
323647	Wooden houses easily catch fire.	CK
531625	He inherited an old wooden chest.	wma
27086	The hermit lived in a wooden hut.	CK
239859	An old wooden box served as table.	CM
436197	How much does the wooden chair cost?	lukaszpp
463028	The wooden chair costs sixty libras.	lukaszpp
2740157	Tom is playing with his wooden toys.	Hybrid
1290445	A cheap wooden box was set on a chair.	Scott
323646	A wooden building can easily catch fire.	CM
2474236	The child was playing with wooden blocks.	sharptoothed
44961	The garden was surrounded by a wooden fence.	CK
65094	The old man named the wooden doll Pinocchio.	CK
42468	It is the oldest wooden building in existence.	CM
66482	Please use this wooden box in place of a chair.	CK
1334919	The new telescope was shipped in a huge wooden box.	CK
1222839	A wooden house burns more easily than a stone house.	CK
2374674	I keep all my old pictures upstairs in a wooden box.	CK
45073	There were a few large old wooden houses in the town.	CM
718480	He hung an old, wooden oar on his wall as a decoration.	darinmex
60408	The art of making wooden bowls like these has died out.	CK
2970619	I keep all my old pictures in the attic in a wooden box.	AlanF_US
1427163	The people of the village built a wooden bridge across the river.	CK
268064	They walked with him to an old wooden building near the farmhouse.	CK