English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Witness" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2247900	I'm a witness.	CK	1
2549551	I was a witness.	CK	1
2272891	Tom is a witness.	CK	1
2252641	There's a witness.	CK	1
2548936	We have a witness.	CK	1
2241119	We have witnesses.	CK	1
2548159	There was a witness.	CK	1
2240814	We're all witnesses.	CK	1
3309942	We've got a witness.	CK	1
2252628	There were witnesses.	CK	1
2240796	We're both witnesses.	CK	1
2892133	There was one witness.	CK	1
296961	He witnessed the murder.	CK	1
2271769	I didn't witness anything.	CK	1
887595	She witnessed him being killed.	CK	1
1951381	We can't call Tom as a witness.	CK	1
37255	Tom was a witness to the accident.	CK	1
1024822	Tom is the only witness to the crime.	CK	1
1868153	Tom is the only witness. There are no other witnesses.	CK	1
2157319	While I was waiting for the streetcar, I witnessed a traffic accident.	CK	1
1042553	Tom's lawyer didn't think that the jury would think that Mary was a reliable witness.	CK	1
2247174	Call your next witness.	CK
3168184	One witness was present.	CK
311392	She witnessed the crime.	CK
1517918	Tom was merely a witness.	Spamster
290921	He witnessed the accident.	CK
2957135	Tom is in the witness box.	CK
2247186	May I call my first witness?	CK
682070	The witness stated his name.	Source_VOA
2957136	Tom is in the witness chair.	CK
2957182	Tom is on the witness stand.	CK
3060606	Has the witness been sworn in?	sharptoothed
2542171	Tom witnessed the whole thing.	CK
2247190	Please call your first witness.	CK
2957960	Tom returned to the witness stand.	CK
2251949	We can't produce him as a witness.	MrShoval
248116	We were witnesses of the accident.	CK
2264635	Afterwards, the witnesses testified.	_undertoad
681802	The policeman protected the witness.	Source_VOA
682465	There were no witnesses to the crime.	Source_VOA
307717	Can you put them on the witness stand?	CM
2539087	Tom says he witnessed the whole thing.	CK
69956	Do you believe the witness's statement?	CM
2953003	Is it true that Tom witnessed a murder?	CK
290918	He was the only witness of the accident.	CK
954228	Our only witness is refusing to testify.	CK
2268660	The witnesses appeared before the judge.	_undertoad
1887944	I was told that you witnessed the murder.	CK
693435	The witness perjured herself on the stand.	darinmex
3022400	The last witness sealed the prisoner's fate.	sharptoothed