English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Withdraw" in Example Sentences
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2241411	We must withdraw.	CK	1
1092255	Tom withdrew some money from the bank.	CK	1
1677493	He had to withdraw.	Guybrush88
2544929	I withdrew my application.	CK
802207	They were forced to withdraw.	Source_VOA
805244	American forces were withdrawn.	Source_VOA
2631944	I'd like to withdraw some cash.	Joseph
807189	President Polk withdrew the offer.	Source_VOA
3171092	Tom withdrew $300 from his account.	CK
682459	Many people use ATMs to withdraw money.	Source_VOA
436229	How much money you would like to withdraw?	lukaszpp
682457	Mary withdrew her application for the job.	Source_VOA
315598	She had to withdraw her son from the club.	CM
1747986	When was the last time you withdrew money?	Amastan
18453	I have to withdraw some cash from the bank.	CK
3163025	Tom withdrew some money from his bank account.	CK
682458	When he's sad, he withdraws from other people.	Source_VOA
805277	Hoover withdrew American forces from Nicaragua.	Source_VOA
807619	In the end, the Germans were forced to withdraw.	Source_VOA
682777	Many people use cash machines to withdraw money.	CK
2537661	Tom withdrew an envelope from his jacket pocket.	CK
804365	Foreign investors withdrew their money from America.	Source_VOA
45447	The group withdrew their support for the Government.	CM
313332	She intended to withdraw all her savings from the bank.	CK
804086	The British withdrew, but attacked again the next year.	Source_VOA
41255	The Soviet troops started to withdraw from Afghanistan.	CM
804369	Throughout Europe, people withdrew their money from banks.	Source_VOA
64642	You can withdraw some money out of the bank, if you need any.	CK
1354874	Foreign investors withdrew their money from the United States.	AMIKEMA
2537061	Tom withdrew three hundred dollars from his personal account yesterday.	CK
2537045	Tom withdrew three hundred thousand dollars from the bank to pay the ransom.	CK
274970	It looks like I'm outnumbered here. I hate to do it but I'll withdraw my plan.	CM