English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Wit" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2203585	Tom is witty.	CK	1
2203586	You're witty.	CK	1
3171104	Tom was witty.	CK	1
3171260	Tom isn't witty.	CK	1
3183896	I think Tom is witty.	CK	1
2276063	I don't have your wit.	CK	1
1092358	Tom was scared out of his wits.	CK	1
2264262	I admire his wit.	sharptoothed
295087	He is a man of wit.	CM
2571539	I enjoyed Tom's wit.	sharptoothed
255154	I'm at my wit's end.	CM
279423	I was at my wit's end.	CM
2645295	Tom said you were witty.	CK
315948	She was at her wit's end.	CM
3172207	Do you think Tom is witty?	CK
309877	Her speech was full of wit.	CM
2267917	That's a very witty phrase.	_undertoad
2258607	He's always making such witty remarks!	_undertoad
315353	Nature endowed her with wit and beauty.	CM
265155	To tell the truth, I am at my wit's end.	CM
16080	You are the wickedest witty person I know.	CK
22340	Wit is to conversation what salt is to food.	CK
301447	What he lacked in wit, he made up for in energy.	CK
3058789	My father always comes up with something witty to say.	OJR1
257917	I lost my job and I have no money. I'm at my wit's end.	Nero
255155	I'm at my wit's end. I can't think of any solution to this problem.	CK
250700	My brother is so smart and witty that I can not beat him in an argument.	CM