English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Wipe" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2549583	Wipe your feet.	CK	1
1774522	Wipe your nose.	CK	1
2647854	Tom wiped his face.	CK	1
1140857	Tom wiped the table.	CK	1
20756	Wipe your face clean.	CK	1
1482662	Tom wiped his glasses.	Spamster	1
2738291	Tom wiped his forehead.	CK	1
1663798	Tom is wiping the table.	Amastan	1
317474	She wiped away her tears.	CK	1
1164442	Tom looks totally wiped out.	CK	1
1027725	Tom wiped away Mary's tears.	CK	1
3096758	Tom wiped Mary's tears away.	CK	1
2889142	I wiped the dirt off my pants.	wnieboer	1
294996	He wiped the sweat off his face.	CK	1
292452	He wiped his hands on a handkerchief.	CK	1
1027724	Tom wiped the tears from Mary's eyes.	CK	1
312002	She wiped her face with a handkerchief.	CK	1
1027526	I saw Tom wiping his fingerprints off the doorknob.	CK	1
2485163	Tom carefully wiped his fingerprints off the knife.	CK	1
2229581	After getting out of the shower, Tom wiped the fog off the mirror and shaved.	CK	1
20761	Wipe my bloody face.	NekoKanjya
1661020	Tom is wiping his nose.	Amastan
1728209	I am wiping the shelves.	Amastan
2255701	They wiped out the enemy.	_undertoad
2545107	Tom wiped away his tears.	CK
2644753	Tom wiped his tears away.	CK
2544517	Tom wiped the table clean.	CK
32518	Wipe your shoes on the mat.	CK
41878	Let me help you wipe it off.	CM
2643722	Mary wiped off her lipstick.	CK
1169966	He wiped his nose on his sleeve.	etoile
60912	Wipe your hands with this towel.	CK
39589	Would you wipe the table for me?	CK
294879	He wiped the sweat from his brow.	CK
387581	He wiped the sweat from his face.	Mouseneb
32389	Mayuko wiped a table with a cloth.	CK
2821227	Tom wiped the blood off his sword.	CK
285794	He wiped the sweat from his forehead.	CK
2641246	Tom wiped the glass with a dishcloth.	CK
2640942	Tom wiped his hands on the dirty towel.	CK
2738874	Tom wiped the bloody knife on his shirt.	CK
312171	She used a damp rag to wipe off the dust.	CK
45064	The population of the town was wiped out.	CM
3054503	Tom wiped his forehead with a handkerchief.	WestofEden
271497	The government promised to wipe out poverty.	CM
2640418	Tom took off his glasses and wiped his eyes.	CK
39630	Will you please wipe the dust off the table?	CK
2640344	Tom picked up a napkin and wiped Mary's chin.	CK
612542	That twenty-kilometer run really wiped me out.	darinmex
2537840	Tom wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.	CK