English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Winner" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2107367	We're winners.	CK	1
2248280	I'm the winner.	CK	1
2218047	You're a winner.	CK	1
1474826	Tom is the winner.	Spamster	1
269968	Everybody loves a winner.	CK	1
1549993	Everyone's a winner.	Spamster
1529448	Everybody's a winner.	Spamster
827236	Winners don't use drugs.	Scott
267379	It is good to be a winner.	CK
3168192	One of us could be the winner.	CK
1561939	I knew she would be the winner.	Guybrush88
3123485	It looks like we have a winner.	CK
1948395	We will vote to decide the winner.	linguine
304342	He called out the name of the winner.	CK
237773	The crowd gave the winner a big hand.	CK
35774	Dr. Yukawa, the Nobel prize winner, died in 1981.	CK
238554	The gold cup was given to the winner of the final match.	CM