English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Wide" in Example Sentences
Page 1

319821	How wide is it?	CK	1
1891158	I'm wide awake.	CK	1
2240689	We're wide awake.	CK	1
45748	The river is wide.	CK	1
1868136	Tom is wide awake.	CK	1
31742	Now I'm wide awake.	CK	1
2764087	That river is wide.	CK	1
2821663	Tom was wide awake.	CK	1
240560	Open your mouth wide.	CK	1
58144	How wide is this river?	CK	1
2452007	I'm not wide awake yet.	sharptoothed	1
2644751	Tom's eyes are wide open.	CK	1
1891159	I'm wide open for suggestions.	CK	1
280025	We have a wide choice of books.	CK	1
682303	The valley was twenty miles wide.	Source_VOA	1
1093711	Tom has a wide circle of friends.	CK	1
2733646	Tom has a wide range of interests.	CK	1
263015	We discussed a wide range of topics.	CK	1
1396373	English is like a word-wide common language.	CK	1
939950	For some reason, I'm wide awake and can't fall asleep.	CK	1
2045885	I think you're the most beautiful woman in the whole wide world.	CK	1
1887268	I don't see how Tom can stay up all night and then be so wide awake at work.	CK	1
1946911	He's wide awake.	Spamster
1946913	He was wide awake.	Spamster
2199444	The door was wide open.	Hybrid
296270	He opened his mouth wide.	Swift
2644350	Tom opened the door wider.	CK
20831	It's as deep as it is wide.	Zifre
2587850	The ditch is ten feet wide.	alexmarcelo
313592	She swam across the wide river.	CM
3045691	The front door stood wide open.	sharptoothed
462774	The main streets are very wide.	lukaszpp
63942	His mother opened her eyes wide.	CK
682430	My living room has wide windows.	Source_VOA
321278	The streets in Hokkaido are wide.	CK
304741	He stood with his feet wide apart.	CK
295179	He stood with his legs wide apart.	CK
273204	The river is widest at this point.	CK
2641869	Tom is wearing a wide-brimmed hat.	CK
1635589	We want to reach a wider audience.	Spamster
1602661	He wants to reach a wider audience.	Spamster
1742471	This river is the widest in Europe.	Guybrush88
321274	The streets of Hokkaido are very wide.	CM
35910	The streets of New York are very wide.	U2FS
3071486	This newspaper has a wide circulation.	sharptoothed
682431	The Mississippi River is deep and wide.	Source_VOA
682432	The dam blocking the river is very wide.	Source_VOA
2957937	Tom remained wide awake the whole night.	CK
3071662	Is the road wide enough for two-way traffic?	sharptoothed
3071536	The road is three meters wide at this point.	sharptoothed