English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Whatsoever" in Example Sentences
Page 1

700834	I have no plans whatsoever.	Eldad	1
2663334	There's no problem whatsoever.	CK	1
953478	I have no interest whatsoever in eating English food.	CK	1
267722	Is there any hope whatsoever?	CM
2367850	It makes no sense whatsoever.	mrtaistoi
238168	There was no warning whatsoever.	CM
1531013	He left for no reason whatsoever.	erikspen
554456	He has no interest in art whatsoever.	CM
1739198	He has no interest whatsoever in money.	belgavox
2893139	Tom showed no consideration whatsoever for Mary's feelings.	patgfisher
1850971	You are under no obligation whatsoever to share this information.	Dottyeyes