English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Weed" in Example Sentences
Page 1

315900	She weeded the garden.	CK	1
408289	We have to pull the weeds.	CK	1
278506	The garden needs to be weeded.	CK	1
1027467	I wish Tom would weed the garden.	CK	1
2717122	The garden was overgrown with weeds.	WestofEden	1
1027468	I wish Tom would help me weed the garden.	CK	1
1871787	Tom said that he'd be more than happy to help Mary weed the garden.	CK	1
2952200	I have to weed the garden.	CK
2952275	I helped Tom weed the garden.	CK
65522	Our garden was full of weeds.	CK
2268433	The pasture is full of weeds.	_undertoad
244957	Weeds sprang up in the garden.	CK
59193	You should get rid of these weeds.	CK
2957130	Tom is in the garden, pulling weeds.	CK
3097477	Tom spent the morning weeding his garden.	CK
23761	Many weeds were growing among the flowers.	CK
3144503	Tom suggested that we help you pull weeds.	CK
55164	These plants are resistant to weed killers.	CM
58513	This weed killer does not harm human beings.	CM
682193	I need a tool for pulling weeds in my garden.	Source_VOA
278497	It's his job to pull the weeds in the garden.	CM
2575347	I'm not looking forward to weeding the garden.	CK
273921	My grandmother was pulling up weeds in her backyard.	CK
262962	We cut away all the grass and weeds around the church.	CK
2712515	Tom was the one who helped me pull weeds in the garden.	CK
1095642	Tom can see the many weeds that had grown up around the house.	CK
937598	After it rains and the ground is damp, it's easier to pull weeds.	CK
259570	I am looking for an effective method to get rid of all the weeds in my yard.	CK
329045	When rain's fallen and the soil is moist, it becomes easier to pull out weeds.	fcbond
1104747	It never occurred to me to take a picture of how the garden looked before we started pulling weeds.	CK