English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Vitamin" in Example Sentences
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2247418	I take vitamins.	CK	1
64783	Oranges are rich in vitamin C.	CK	1
1110731	Oranges have a lot of vitamin C.	CK	1
2288933	Don't forget to take your vitamins.	CK	1
64781	Oranges contain a lot of vitamin C.	CK	1
2860606	Mandarin oranges have a lot of vitamin C.	CK	1
1094967	Tom decided that it wasn't necessary to take vitamins.	CK	1
1864464	He takes vitamins.	Spamster
58376	This diet is full of vitamins.	CK
2686650	Oranges have a lot of vitamins.	Joseph
879761	They know what "vitamin" means.	alexmarcelo
34772	Where's the aisle for vitamins?	CK
1140140	I think you should take vitamins.	CK
270365	Carrots contain a lot of vitamin A.	CK
64779	Oranges have a high vitamin content.	CK
34776	I ate a fresh lemon for the vitamin C.	CK
1717722	Tangerines contain a lot of vitamin C.	sysko
2686651	There are a lot of vitamins in oranges.	Joseph
319779	Take lots of vitamin C to avoid catching cold.	CM
34774	You should eat some vegetables rich in vitamins.	CK
70546	You had better supplement your diet with vitamins.	CM
681480	Tom takes a pill with vitamins and minerals every day.	Source_VOA
34775	Foods rich in vitamin E include dark-green, leafy vegetables, beans, nuts and whole-grain cereals.	CM