English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Visitor" in Example Sentences
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2241118	We have visitors.	CK	1
2548938	We have a visitor.	CK	1
2255001	You have visitors.	CK	1
2548464	You have a visitor.	CK	1
321089	Visitors are welcome.	CK	1
3330912	You've got a visitor.	CK	1
2011652	I don't want visitors.	CK	1
2547400	I rarely get visitors.	CK	1
2273800	We don't get visitors.	CK	1
2247972	I'm expecting visitors.	CK	1
575265	I had no visitors today.	CK	1
2276006	I don't get many visitors.	CK	1
2281773	We don't get many visitors.	CK	1
247406	We had unexpected visitors.	CK	1
2360159	I have no time for visitors.	CK	1
2543746	I wasn't expecting visitors.	CK	1
2542146	We weren't expecting visitors.	CK	1
63306	We had some visitors yesterday.	CK	1
1143276	She wrote a book about the visitors.	mookeee	1
1024663	Tom isn't yet ready to receive visitors.	CK	1
1961538	I thought Tom wasn't allowed to have visitors.	CK	1
1029921	Tom and Mary are expecting visitors this evening.	CK	1
40853	We have a visitor right now. Would you mind waiting for a while?	CK	1
463118	These are our visitors.	lukaszpp
2125130	Do you get many visitors?	Hybrid
2645080	Has Tom had any visitors?	CK
2644567	Has Tom had many visitors?	CK
462646	The children are visitors.	lukaszpp
806934	Few visitors could see him.	Source_VOA
2264452	We treat all visitors alike.	sharptoothed
456579	Our visitors are at the door.	lukaszpp
1953314	She receives lots of visitors.	Guybrush88
249367	We were swamped with visitors.	CM
19901	The visitor sat across from me.	CK
313165	She showed the visitor her baby.	CK
2125122	We don't get many visitors here.	Hybrid
245044	Visitors may not feed the animals.	CM
915912	Where can I find the visitor center?	papabear
2125123	We don't get many visitors down here.	Hybrid
245043	The visitor asked the class a question.	CK
2640964	Tom probably doesn't get many visitors.	CK
305854	He let the visitor into the living room.	blay_paul
52435	Visitors to Switzerland admire the Alps.	CK
24521	We ought to expect some casual visitors.	NekoKanjya
312396	She's a frequent visitor to this country.	CK
65610	We didn't have many visitors this summer.	CK
681619	The child offered a flower to the visitor.	Source_VOA
274596	The villagers were kind to their visitors.	CK
19908	You should prepare a room for the visitor.	Dejo
321091	The visitor left a message with his sister.	CK