English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Virus" in Example Sentences
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3178625	It must be a virus.	CK	1
2647720	Could it be a virus?	CK	1
3178626	It's probably a virus.	CK	1
1488733	A virus infected Tom's computer.	Spamster	1
682331	Tom caught a virus and had to stay home from work.	Source_VOA	1
1111626	The virus is starting to mutate.	Scott
1220341	Viruses are much smaller than bacteria.	CK
680219	Antibodies fight off infections and viruses.	Source_VOA
63422	Cancer may be related to viruses of some kind.	CM
2592621	It seems that the computer was infected by a virus.	WestofEden
250221	Apparently my anti-virus software is not up to snuff.	CM
962074	Because of that virus, many elephants lost their lives.	CK
682332	Under a microscope, some viruses appear quite beautiful.	Source_VOA
680218	A flu shot contains antibodies that fight the H1N1 virus.	Source_VOA
23986	Scientists are fighting to stem the spread of the AIDS virus.	NekoKanjya
638247	Drastic measures must be taken to prevent the further spread of the virus.	darinmex
2826526	Many people don't realize that antibiotics are ineffective against viruses.	CK
61856	Something else to be borne in mind here is the rapidity with which the virus can reproduce.	CM
954067	It's a lot less likely for a Macintosh computer to have a virus than a computer running Windows.	CK