English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Victory" in Example Sentences
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1893764	We need a victory.	CK	1
435761	It's an easy victory.	CK	1
659536	The victory is ours.	CK
1582146	This is a great victory.	Spamster
260671	I am sure of his victory.	CK
267402	We fought hard for victory.	CK
46572	His victory made him a hero.	CK
1019893	We are confident of victory.	Guybrush88
807051	It was not a complete victory.	Source_VOA
1637367	Without honor, victory is hollow.	dimitris
807217	It was a great victory for Jackson.	Source_VOA
611392	We have no expectations of victory.	Dejo
3314980	Congratulations on your big victory.	CK
299491	He bragged of having won the victory.	CK
807304	The people expected a victory speech.	Source_VOA
306733	They congratulated us on our victory.	CK
58512	We paid a heavy price for this victory.	CM
273254	Ceremonies were held to celebrate victories.	CM
1292996	Our team returned home after a huge victory.	CK
2985515	That victory turned the scales in our favor.	sharptoothed
321996	The prospects for our victory are excellent.	CM
802559	They asked Lincoln to make a victory speech.	Source_VOA
39854	At last, they experienced the joy of victory.	CK
46568	The victory was won at the cost of many lives.	CM
2958918	Tom's strategy was responsible for the victory.	sharptoothed
479130	In 1958, Brazil won its first World Cup victory.	boracasli
804077	British forces at this time were winning victories.	Source_VOA
46571	Our team was in high spirits because of the victory.	CM
241730	Our prospects for victory are excellent at the moment.	CM
802811	American generals believed they could win an easy victory.	Source_VOA
38291	Let me congratulate you on your victory in the tournament.	sacredceltic
267393	On hearing of the victory, the whole nation shouted for joy.	CM
682323	It was a victory for the whole country when he finished first in the race.	Source_VOA
682322	Winning the election was a great victory for the candidate's political party.	Source_VOA