English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Vet" in Example Sentences
Page 1

898550	My vet told me to feed my dog in the evening.	CK	1
898551	My vet won't feed his dog commercial dog food.	CK	1
1095928	Tom and Mary were supposed to take their dog to the vet this morning.	CK	1
898572	Even though her vet told her not to, she continued to feed her dog raw vegetables.	CK	1
756704	My brother is a vet.	Guybrush88
2272887	Tom is a veterinarian.	CK
2545585	I took my dog to the vet.	CK
877925	I am a licensed veterinarian.	papabear
1961490	I thought Tom was a veterinarian.	CK
315310	She grew up to be a veterinarian.	CK
2539473	I'm going to take the dog to the vet.	CK
1210913	I have to take the cat to the vet today.	Guybrush88
1025492	Tom has a friend whose mother is a veterinarian.	CK
2847531	Mary wants to become a vet because she loves animals.	Hybrid
680866	How long does it take for a veterinarian to examine a horse?	Source_VOA