English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Vend" in Example Sentences
Page 1

58870	This vending machine isn't working.	CK	1
264537	The vending machines are over there.	CK	1
58868	This vending machine is out of order.	CK	1
253326	I lost my temper and kicked the vending machine.	nickyeow	1
57476	This vending machine takes only hundred-yen coins.	CM	1
1094767	Tom didn't have enough change to buy a drink from the vending machine.	CK	1
2623933	That vending machine is out of order.	CK
2539072	Tom was looking for a vending machine.	CK
452770	They installed a vending machine at work.	FeuDRenais
2538339	Tom bought a drink from a vending machine.	CK
271708	Where is there a soft drink vending machine?	CM
522529	The vending machine is making strange noises.	FeuDRenais
58869	This vending machine won't accept 500 yen coins.	Zifre
2537540	Tom bought a cup of coffee from a vending machine.	CK
2537485	The vending machine had an out of order sign on it.	CK
386212	This vending machine was destroyed by hoodlums last night.	blay_paul
1093018	Tom saw vending machines everywhere when he visited Japan.	CK