English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Vanish" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2203879	Tom vanished.	CK	1
2203878	Who vanished?	CK	1
2111354	They vanished.	CK	1
2248759	It just vanished.	CK	1
1867918	Tom seems to have vanished.	CK	1
2456551	When Tom woke up, he found that Mary had vanished.	CK	1
280727	The ghost vanished suddenly.	CK
2542848	Tom appears to have vanished.	CK
2958437	Tom vanished into the darkness.	CK
275054	The sun vanished behind a cloud.	CM
2268531	The smoke vanished with the wind.	_undertoad
273409	The ship vanished over the horizon.	CM
267392	All hope of winning the game vanished.	CK
267985	The boy said that the taxi vanished into the fog.	CM
65791	Many kinds of animals have vanished from the earth.	CM
1402777	Two riders sped past me, and soon vanished in the distance.	captcrouton