English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Vanilla" in Example Sentences
Page 1

1498963	I love vanilla ice cream.	dracae	1
1024563	Tom likes vanilla ice cream.	CK	1
1096083	The only flavor ice cream that Tom eats is vanilla.	CK	1
2331834	I had to make a choice between chocolate and vanilla.	CK	1
1430144	For dessert, Tom ordered chocolate parfait with vanilla ice cream.	CK	1
3318649	I like honey.	Vanilla
3154932	It's hot today.	Vanilla
3154921	I go to school every day.	Vanilla
1129680	I want a vanilla ice cream.	alexmarcelo
35120	Two vanilla ice creams please.	CK
488196	Two vanilla ice creams, please.	saasmath
3153323	Where are the clean pillowcases?	Vanilla
3153125	The tower is fifteen metres tall.	Vanilla
874015	I like vanilla ice cream very much.	papabear
2744643	Tom bought two chocolate cupcakes with vanilla icing and gave one of them to Mary.	CK
3187249	Perhaps the three most popular ice cream flavors are vanilla, chocolate and strawberry.	CK
939787	No matter how much you try to convince people that chocolate is vanilla, it'll still be chocolate, even though you may manage to convince yourself and a few others that it's vanilla.	CK