English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Unknown" in Example Sentences
Page 1

1517915	Tom is an unknown artist.	Spamster	1
757941	The cause of the fire was unknown.	NekoKanjya	1
263708	The cause of the accident is unknown.	CK	1
324813	The whereabouts of the suspect is still unknown.	CM	1
1636645	Her name was unknown.	GeeZ
249810	The meaning is unknown to me.	CK
2733373	This is neither new nor unknown.	Dejo
23856	The origin of the fire is unknown.	Archibald
1126687	The source of the fire is unknown.	nadsat
805266	Smallpox was unknown to Native Americans.	Source_VOA
307966	The reason she killed herself is unknown.	CM
2274	A known mistake is better than an unknown truth.	Zifre
239547	At present, the cause of the disease is unknown.	CK
847235	Many great thinkers who were unknown while alive became famous after death.	Source_Benedict_1921
1647967	Lonesome George, the last remaining tortoise of his kind, died of unknown causes.	Spamster
43238	Sophie had been looking forward to getting another letter from the unknown sender.	CK
275096	Although most islands in the ocean have been mapped, the ocean floor is generally unknown.	CK