English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Unique" in Example Sentences
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2233743	This is unique.	CK	1
2892607	What makes it so unique?	CK	1
388322	These flowers have a unique smell.	CK	1
2094643	Everyone is unique.	AlanF_US
1740830	It's rather unique.	Spamster
2094641	Every person is unique.	AlanF_US
239740	Language is unique to man.	Eldad
3069639	This is a unique situation.	Hybrid
2009472	This book is unique in many ways.	halfb1t
58579	This custom is unique to America.	CK
682397	Every website has a unique address.	Source_VOA
681504	Each molecule in our body has a unique shape.	Source_VOA
280577	Unique ideas helped him to earn a high income.	CM
285868	His technique was unique and absolutely amazing.	CK
522309	His unique perspective helped shed light on the situation.	darinmex
49125	The rapid growth of the firm was attributed to its unique strategy.	CM
281517	Japan is unique among the Asian countries in having modernized completely.	CM
21747	The more unique each person is, the more he contributes to the wisdom of others.	NekoKanjya