English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Uniform" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2647781	Where's my uniform?	CK	1
2334134	I hate this uniform.	CK	1
1886588	Where's your uniform?	CK	1
2646628	Do you have a uniform?	CK	1
2546853	You're out of uniform.	CK	1
3023688	Tom is back in uniform.	CK	1
2644439	Tom didn't wear a uniform.	CK	1
2644196	Why aren't you in uniform?	CK	1
2713097	They're both wearing uniforms.	CK	1
248308	We all wear uniforms to school.	CK	1
2953171	Let's get out of these uniforms.	CK	1
1095310	Tom changed into his school uniform.	CK	1
2958678	Tom was wearing a janitor's uniform.	CK	1
1486069	Tom and Mary are wearing their school uniforms.	Spamster	1
35879	New York City policemen wear dark blue uniforms.	CK	1
953235	Do you think it's wise to wear your uniform today?	CK	1
40263	Team members are provided with equipment and uniforms.	CM	1
2644881	Tom is wearing a uniform.	CK
2644282	Tom was wearing a uniform.	CK
2956174	Tom buttoned up his uniform.	CK
271257	Do you have a school uniform?	CK
2643292	Tom changed into his uniform.	CK
3074265	They're both wearing uniforms.	ulymarrero
247455	We wear uniforms at our school.	CK
2642525	Why aren't you in your uniform?	CK
306076	They were all dressed in uniforms.	kebukebu
2641868	Tom is wearing his soccer uniform.	CK
238134	Police officers wear blue uniforms.	CK
2333277	What do you think of school uniforms?	Hybrid
41985	The new houses are of a uniform height.	Swift
2640930	Why are you still wearing your uniform?	CK
2954480	You don't deserve to wear that uniform.	CK
266548	Employees are required to wear uniforms.	CK
1170390	The school should do away with uniforms.	CM
2333275	What is your opinion on school uniforms?	Hybrid
2953219	Mary was wearing a cheerleader's uniform.	CK
681553	Officers of the navy wear white uniforms.	Source_VOA
45338	The man drove his car at a uniform speed.	CK
248520	We have to wear school uniforms at school.	CK
681429	The soldiers march in camouflaged uniforms.	Source_VOA
247454	Our school did away with uniforms last year.	CM
1513368	There is there no uniform national standard.	Spamster
68486	That school is going to do away with uniforms.	CM
305729	They have done away with uniforms at that school.	CK
2712516	Tom is wearing what appears to be some kind of uniform.	CK
240898	The school rules require students to wear school uniforms.	CK
261166	I met her at the station, but I did not recognize her in uniform.	CM
281359	Japanese companies generally provide their employees with uniforms.	CM
67635	While some private and church schools in America have uniforms, they are not common.	CM
21320	The school uniform is convenient because it can be worn for both informal and formal occasions.	NekoKanjya