English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Unfortunately" in Example Sentences
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2892399	Unfortunately I'll have to pass.	CK	1
2663212	Unfortunately, there's a problem.	CK	1
1174250	Unfortunately, that rumor is true.	CK	1
1293090	Unfortunately, the report is true.	CK	1
1023822	Unfortunately, Tom refused to help us.	CK	1
3240720	Unfortunately, my mother isn't at home.	CK	1
71938	Unfortunately, there was no one around.	CM	1
2451263	Unfortunately, I hardly speak any French.	CK	1
1040494	Unfortunately, Tom let the cat out of the bag.	CK	1
1874087	Unfortunately, Tom was in the wrong place at the wrong time.	CK	1
1514940	Tom wanted to stick around to see what would happen. Unfortunately, he had to leave.	CK	1
1092189	Tom would have liked to attend Mary's party. Unfortunately, he had other things he had to do.	CK	1
1320	It is unfortunately true.	Zifre
350134	Unfortunately, it's true.	human600
408579	Unfortunately, she is absent.	CK
1556673	Unfortunately, Nancy was right.	alexmarcelo
1190295	Unfortunately, she didn't come.	CK
1739141	Unfortunately, she lives abroad.	belgavox
71934	Unfortunately he refused to come.	CK
464304	Unfortunately, I cannot help them.	lukaszpp
1460025	Unfortunately, it's raining today.	piksea
1529629	Unfortunately the store was closed.	erikspen
71944	Unfortunately, it rained yesterday.	CK
1898054	Unfortunately, I missed all the fun.	CK
71935	Unfortunately, the store was closed.	CK
3058225	Unfortunately, an error has occurred.	Hybrid
71941	Unfortunately I have no money with me.	CK
2641068	Unfortunately, I'm too busy right now.	CK
3091625	Unfortunately, I can't do that for you.	Piteris
1578677	Unfortunately, I don't have time today.	CM
1200460	Unfortunately, my father isn't at home.	CK
1726883	I unfortunately drew a wrong conclusion.	belgavox
1310687	Unfortunately, I have to disappoint you.	Eldad
71951	Unfortunately, I missed seeing the movie.	CK
71936	Unfortunately I hit the morning rush hour.	CM
1190294	Unfortunately, I left my homework at home.	CK
245271	Unfortunately, you cannot bring him along.	CK
1327555	Unfortunately, I'm not sure she'll succeed.	CK
1293092	Unfortunately, the information is accurate.	CK
2736058	Unfortunately, we don't have what you want.	CK
2931938	I believe you, but unfortunately Tom doesn't.	CK
26622	Unfortunately the telephone was out of order.	CK
2269034	Unfortunately, we didn't find it out in time.	_undertoad
1327553	Unfortunately, I don't believe she'll succeed.	CK
383671	Unfortunately, my birthday is only once a year.	Dorenda
1578671	Unfortunately I already have plans for that day.	CM
660445	Unfortunately, I don't have so much money on me.	Nero
491886	Unfortunately she already has a steady boyfriend.	swagner
1190296	Unfortunately, I don't have any money with me now.	CK
792344	Unfortunately, my teachers are not the worst ones.	CK