English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Unable" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2769662	He's unable to read.	CK	1
284693	He is unable to do it.	CK	1
1335473	He's unable to do that.	CK	1
293935	He seems unable to swim.	CK	1
298495	He is unable to buy a car.	CK	1
2208533	I'm unable to function alone.	CK	1
2359295	I've been unable to contact Tom.	CK	1
1164493	Tom is unable to work this week.	CK	1
311014	She is unable to cope with stress.	CK	1
2540041	I'm unable to answer that question.	CK	1
293934	It seems that he is unable to swim.	CK	1
261250	I was unable to look her in the face.	CK	1
298650	He is unable to provide for his family.	CK	1
1318852	I was unable to go to his birthday party.	CK	1
2414015	Tom and Mary both seem unable to do that.	CK	1
245248	I am sorry I am unable to attend your party.	CK	1
1092494	Tom wanted to sleep late, but was unable to.	CK	1
1841237	Tom was unable to control himself any longer.	CK	1
1023933	Tom was unable to decide who he should vote for.	CK	1
1092321	Tom was unable to understand anything Mary said.	CK	1
37249	It seems that Tom is unable to solve the problem.	CK	1
1030172	Tom was unable to talk Mary out of marrying John.	CK	1
54300	We are sorry we are unable to accept your request.	CK	1
1026577	Tom couldn't go because he was unable to get permission.	CK	1
2720637	Tom's leg had gone to sleep so he was unable to stand up.	CK	1
1023932	Tom was unable to remember what he had eaten for breakfast.	CK	1
1990348	Tom seems to be unable to interact normally with other people.	CK	1
887564	She was unable to completely give up her dream of traveling abroad.	CK	1
1040692	The police thought the victim was Tom, but they were unable to identify the body.	CK	1
302033	He was unable to move.	CK
2132977	I'm unable to stay calm.	freddy1
2958660	Tom was unable to answer.	CK
2958666	Tom was unable to escape.	CK
1258461	I was unable to go outside.	CK
2543177	I was unable to prevent this.	CK
2953823	We were unable to rescue Tom.	CK
2958664	Tom was unable to concentrate.	CK
1155802	Sorry, but I am unable to do so.	alexmarcelo
3177910	Tom lay in bed, unable to sleep.	CK
803111	He was unable to read much of it.	Source_VOA
2100113	I was unable to stand any longer.	halfb1t
2958669	Tom was unable to hide his tears.	CK
324833	Yoko is unable to buy a computer.	CK
1819532	I am unable to finish my homework.	wyodoodoyw
254379	I was unable to complete the task.	CK
807187	Most were unable to read or write.	Source_VOA
44843	I am unable to agree on that point.	CM
258555	I was unable to finish my homework.	CK
22729	We were unable to follow his logic.	CK
2958661	Tom was unable to conceal his anger.	CK