English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Twist" in Example Sentences
Page 1

297563	He twisted my arm.	CK	1
1110536	I twisted my ankle.	Scott	1
2251239	That's really twisted.	CK	1
1141070	Tom twisted his ankle.	CK	1
1092606	Tom twisted the truth.	CK	1
2955073	You're twisting my words.	CK	1
2955074	You're twisting the truth.	CK	1
1092608	Tom twisted his ankle and it swelled up.	CK	1
1877565	Tom twisted the knob and opened the door.	CK	1
1092607	Tom twisted Mary's arm and she agreed to donate some money to our charity.	CK	1
656865	Don't twist my words around.	Shishir
285825	His face was twisted with pain.	CK
254022	I slipped and twisted my ankle.	CK
1600767	The plot twists were predictable.	Spamster
46502	The path twists through the mountains.	CM
1242987	I won't play because I've twisted my ankle.	CM
1423583	She twisted her ankle while she was doing exercise.	CK
46783	Twist that knob to the right and the box will open.	CK
1398439	No matter how carefully you choose your words, they'll always end up being twisted by others.	bart
847248	We humans have a great way of twisting facts to fit our conclusion as soon as we have made one.	Source_Benedict_1921