English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Turkey" in Example Sentences
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928195	Let's talk turkey.	CK	1
860098	I am learning Turkish.	piksea	1
2546958	Tom sliced the turkey.	CK	1
1804044	I ate a turkey sandwich.	Spamster	1
58817	This turkey tastes good.	CK	1
294118	He quit smoking cold turkey.	CM	1
1113030	Where do you live in Turkey?	Eldad	1
1396417	Where in Turkey do you live?	CK	1
2013863	Do you want a turkey sandwich?	CK	1
1804045	I made myself a turkey sandwich.	Spamster	1
3154862	Have you ever eaten Turkish food before?	CK	1
1771869	I'm Turkish.	CK
1437343	I learn Turkish.	Eldad
1389490	I'm from Turkey.	enteka
1766699	I live in Turkey.	CK
634028	Do you speak Turkish?	boracasli
1437342	I'm learning Turkish.	Eldad
1114892	Do you live in Turkey?	Eldad
1566978	I don't speak Turkish.	deniko
1830491	When do you eat turkey?	CK
42998	Well, let's talk turkey.	CM
1502830	Her boyfriend is Turkish.	CK
2032997	We deep-fried the turkey.	Spamster
69241	Have you ever eaten turkey?	CK
696752	I'm off to Turkey tomorrow.	qdii
2064580	Does the lady speak Turkish?	halfb1t
545534	This is a Turkish tradition.	FeuDRenais
58814	This turkey will serve five.	CM
1759436	Where is the Turkish embassy?	loghaD
329089	She's got a Turkish boyfriend.	fcbond
1432090	Turkey is a beautiful country.	selcukbasak
1488815	Mary has never cooked a turkey.	Spamster
1460352	Ankara is the capital of Turkey.	piksea
2810790	The capital of Turkey is Ankara.	xylian
2032999	The turkey was tender and juicy.	Spamster
807131	Turkey was stronger than Greece.	Source_VOA
2006250	Turkish is a difficult language.	Eldad
2064579	Does the gentleman speak Turkish?	halfb1t
954418	They ate turkey on Thanksgiving Day.	CK
2032996	It's the best turkey I've ever tasted.	Spamster
1030276	Ottoman Turks conquered Egypt in 1517.	AKINCI81
1207462	I must speak to you later about Turkey.	Guybrush88
265854	The host cut the turkey for the guests.	CM
1769499	The host carved the turkey for the guests.	wwkudu
264929	A turkey is a little bigger than a chicken.	CM
1322397	One more hour and the turkey will be ready.	Guybrush88
1493056	I saw a group of tourists who spoke Turkish.	AKINCI81
954659	Why do Americans eat turkey on Thanksgiving?	CK
1141871	Compulsory military service exists in Turkey.	AKINCI81
680620	It's a custom to have turkey at Thanksgiving.	Source_VOA