English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Tunnel" in Example Sentences
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1140886	Tom went through the tunnel.	CK	1
2275235	Don't go through this tunnel.	CK	1
2095464	There's somebody in the tunnel.	CK	1
853030	The train went through a tunnel.	LittleBoy
2742883	Tom disappeared into the tunnel.	CM
1328526	The train passed through the tunnel.	Eldad
247495	Our train went through a long tunnel.	CK
2956380	Tom crawled through the small tunnel.	CK
2712772	Tom followed Mary through the tunnel.	CK
281174	Where is the longest tunnel in Japan?	CK
2712741	Tom walked quickly through the tunnel.	CK
47480	That child dug a tunnel in the sandpit.	CK
60768	This tunnel is twice as long as that one.	CK
46130	The new tunnel will link Britain and France.	CK
682183	Many trains pass through the old stone tunnel.	Source_VOA
269261	The new tunnel is twice as long as the old one.	CK
258568	I will try to avoid tunnels as much as possible.	CK
245082	They dug through the mountain and built a tunnel.	CK
666046	The new tunnel will link Great Britain and France.	bluepie88
50148	It takes us five minutes to walk through the tunnel.	CM
50149	The tunnel caved in because of the earthquake the other day.	Zifre
35964	I hear they have a lot of problems with the tunnels in New Zealand.	CK
1454343	I heard that they have a lot of problems with the tunnels in New Zealand.	raghebaraby
3341856	After weeks of working flat out on the project, Tom can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.	patgfisher