English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Trousers" in Example Sentences
Page 1

254041	I put on my trousers.	CK	1
42103	Those are my trousers.	CK	1
254040	I bought two pairs of trousers.	CK	1
1022783	My trousers are wet.	CM
300428	He put on clean trousers.	CK
60955	These trousers are dirty.	CK
60958	These trousers are too large.	mamat
60959	These trousers need pressing.	CK
290372	Did he have his trousers pressed?	CM
68538	She wears the trousers in that house.	CK
2255693	The trousers were worn at the bottom.	_undertoad
303897	He has his trousers pressed every day.	CK
1230589	I want to buy a few pairs of trousers.	alec
60953	These trousers are made of durable cloth.	CM
60954	This pair of trousers is just right for me.	CM
2796730	You get two pairs of trousers with this suit.	sharptoothed
63404	The jagged edge ripped a hole in his trousers.	CM
241479	He was wearing black trousers and a beautiful white shirt.	CK
58421	Why don't you try this jacket on? It looks nice with your trousers.	CM