English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Treaty" in Example Sentences
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325617	The two countries negotiated a treaty.	CK	1
805467	The treaty was signed.	Source_VOA
805468	The treaty was approved.	Source_VOA
805469	The treaty was defeated.	Source_VOA
805470	Spain approved the treaty.	Source_VOA
802202	They signed the peace treaty.	Source_VOA
803013	He said the treaty was unfair.	Source_VOA
805253	Many Americans opposed the treaty.	Source_VOA
805471	The treaty made Texas independent.	Source_VOA
805472	The two sides signed a peace treaty.	Source_VOA
802383	They would negotiate a peace treaty.	Source_VOA
805473	Most people thought it was a good treaty.	Source_VOA
1488187	The peace treaty will be signed tomorrow.	arnxy20
805485	The treaty was signed on November 18, 1903.	Source_VOA
805474	The United States had a treaty with France.	Source_VOA
805481	Attempts to negotiate a peace treaty failed.	Source_VOA
268526	The treaty bans the use of chemical weapons.	CK
50725	The two countries negotiated a peace treaty.	CK
56146	This is the rough draft of the peace treaty.	CM
805475	France had signed a secret treaty with Spain.	Source_VOA
805476	Grant asked the Senate to approve the treaty.	Source_VOA
803280	He said the treaty must be approved as written.	Source_VOA
805477	Senator Hoar spoke strongly against the treaty.	Source_VOA
805478	The Florida treaty was signed in February 1819.	Source_VOA
807605	The settlers did not always honor the treaties.	Source_VOA
805479	The treaty gave the United States a canal zone.	Source_VOA
805480	A few years later, the treaty was put to a test.	Source_VOA
803293	He was not completely satisfied with the treaty.	Source_VOA
805483	Russia signed its own peace treaty with Germany.	Source_VOA
805281	The American Senate quickly approved the treaty.	Source_VOA
268527	The treaty bans atomic bombs and hydrogen bombs.	Nero
805487	Britain was in no hurry to agree on a peace treaty.	Source_VOA
805482	It seemed clear the Senate would reject the treaty.	Source_VOA
805484	The Senate accepted the treaty, and Polk signed it.	Source_VOA
805491	The treaty with Texas was signed April twelfth, 1844.	Source_VOA
805486	The treaty did not ban nuclear tests under the ground.	Source_VOA
805488	More than one hundred nations have approved the treaty.	Source_VOA
805489	The next step was to negotiate terms of a peace treaty.	Source_VOA
682235	When two countries end a war, they sign a peace treaty.	Source_VOA
805490	The United States had no commercial treaty with Britain.	Source_VOA
253671	I hope this treaty will contribute to peace in the world.	Swift
805492	The United States had a treaty of friendship with Mexico.	Source_VOA
805493	The Sioux had signed a treaty with the government in 1868.	Source_VOA
802739	They demanded a treaty that would punish Germany severely.	Source_VOA
804261	Many nations had signed the treaty in 1997 in Kyoto, Japan.	Source_VOA
805494	The Sioux tribe asked the government to enforce the treaty.	Source_VOA
805495	The crisis led to the 1968 Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.	Source_VOA
805496	The Senate acted quickly to approve the treaty with Britain.	Source_VOA
805497	After months of negotiations, the peace treaty was completed.	Source_VOA
73276	In 1978 a peace treaty was concluded between Japan and China.	Eldad