English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Toy" in Example Sentences
Page 1

746654	He threw his toy.	Nero	1
64843	Put away your toys.	CK	1
3155781	Put your toys away.	CK	1
3155776	Tom put away his toys.	CK	1
2396021	Don't toy with me, Tom.	CK	1
543763	That factory makes toys.	CK	1
68727	That toy is made of wood.	Zifre	1
2905966	Tom lost his favorite toy.	Hybrid	1
1557708	She bought a toy for the kid.	CK	1
1037067	That toy is made out of wood.	GPHemsley	1
1548192	Tom is playing with his toys.	Spamster	1
289439	He hid his toys under the bed.	CK	1
313967	She bought a toy for her child.	CK	1
1362469	The children are playing with toys.	CK	1
34528	Bill often plays with toys by himself.	CK	1
1667802	My mom bought me this toy when I was 8.	sadtoots	1
64842	The toy department is on the fifth floor.	CK	1
261140	I bought her a toy cat, but she wasn't happy with it.	CK	1
3071824	Buy some toys.	sharptoothed
1806272	He loves toys.	Spamster
456487	My toy is broken.	lukaszpp
1806274	My cat loves toys.	Spamster
321448	Please fix my toy.	CK
462610	The boy wants a toy.	lukaszpp
1230662	He put away his toys.	alec
314223	She got me a tiny toy.	CK
245726	Children play with toys.	CK
290861	He gave the child a toy.	CK
462970	The toy store is closed.	lukaszpp
1233131	I finally bought the toy.	jesuisunmonstre
2268930	This is a mechanical toy.	_undertoad
64844	Gather your toys together.	CM
47527	He was playing with a toy.	CK
47526	He was pleased with the toy.	CK
245907	The child cried for the toy.	CK
1702468	You should buy him new toys.	Spamster
309063	Don't toy with her affections.	CM
47409	He gathered his toys together.	CK
543762	That factory manufactures toys.	CK
895775	They make toys at this factory.	pauldhunt
61297	This toy car runs on batteries.	CK
3156997	Tom put the toys in the basket.	CK
497116	My hobby is collecting old toys.	CK
253251	I live next door to the toy shop.	CK
261538	I asked my father to buy this toy.	CK
1588853	She is buying a toy for her child.	alexmarcelo
59882	These toys are suitable for girls.	CK
1348965	My dad took my toy out of my hands.	CM
45871	The baby is playing with some toys.	CK
882992	The boy's toys are in the bathroom.	alexmarcelo