English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Tower" in Example Sentences
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1246970	How tall is that tower?	al_ex_an_der	1
1076317	Lightning hit that tower.	CK	1
325159	Lightning struck the tower.	CK	1
44767	The tower is going to collapse.	CK	1
288710	He pointed to the tower over there.	CK	1
240625	You can see a white tower over there.	CK	1
252052	I can see the tower from where I stand.	CK	1
1891107	I'm pretty sure that tower is 330 meters tall.	CK	1
240611	That tower you see over there is the Eiffel Tower.	CK	1
44780	The tower is three hundred and twenty-one meters high.	CK	1
593267	That's a tower.	CK
67893	How high is that tower?	CK
2485317	How tall is that tower?	Opiejay888
1540443	How old is the Eiffel Tower?	Zaghawa
19750	The palace has a tall tower.	CK
250560	My house is near Tokyo Tower.	CK
69075	Did you visit the Tokyo Tower?	CK
69426	Have you ever seen Tokyo Tower?	CK
44766	The tower stood amid the ruins.	CM
44771	The tower can be seen from here.	CK
279713	Do you know where Tokyo Tower is?	CK
2140575	How far away is the Eiffel Tower?	Dreamk33
25825	I could see Tokyo Tower far away.	CK
3153125	The tower is fifteen metres tall.	Vanilla
249046	We got to the top of Osaka Tower.	CK
25827	We saw the tower in the distance.	CK
29249	Did you visit the Tower of London?	CK
318061	The plane buzzed the control tower.	CM
55476	This is the tallest tower in Japan.	CK
67894	The clock on that tower is accurate.	Eldad
323594	We can see the tower above the trees.	CK
289752	He towers above the rest of the class.	CM
44770	The tower leaned slightly to the left.	CK
279670	The tower leaned slightly to the west.	CK
69076	You have seen Tokyo Tower, haven't you?	CK
279714	Could you tell me the way to Tokyo Tower?	CK
250425	From my position, I cannot see the tower.	CK
3071566	That water tower holds a three-day supply.	sharptoothed
279668	The picture of the tower was out of focus.	CM
2275632	I want to go to the top of the Eiffel Tower.	Hybrid
47724	There was a tower on the top of the mountain.	Nero
1538663	Galileo dropped two balls from the Tower of Pisa.	Spamster
3122813	Paris wouldn't be Paris without the Eiffel Tower.	brad
279667	There is a large clock near the top of the tower.	CK
324592	The tower looks beautiful against the evening sky.	CM
274567	There's an old tower in the center of the village.	CK
63504	Galileo dropped two iron balls from the top of the tower.	CK
479194	The Eiffel Tower is in the same city as the Louvre Museum.	boracasli
681034	They wanted a wedding picture in front of the Eiffel Tower.	Source_VOA
3308378	I've seen pictures of Tom standing in front of the Eiffel Tower.	CK