English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Towel" in Example Sentences
Page 1

568618	Get me a towel.	FeuDRenais	1
2387469	I need a towel.	CK	1
2984189	Hand me a towel.	CK	1
1877598	Hand me my towel.	CK	1
2861579	Tom needs a towel.	Amastan	1
1860716	Go get some towels.	CK	1
2326539	I folded the towels.	CK	1
21186	Bring me a dry towel.	CK	1
1890905	I'll get you a towel.	CK	1
273375	The towels are dirty.	CK	1
1024414	Tom needs a dry towel.	CK	1
1092173	Tom wrung out the towel.	CK	1
241202	Don't throw in the towel.	CK	1
1092643	Tom towel-dried his hair.	CK	1
35404	I'll bring one more towel.	CK	1
1092310	Tom washed all the towels.	CK	1
2611714	I folded the towel in half.	Lenin_1917	1
2492864	Have you counted the towels?	sharptoothed	1
1094222	Tom dried his face with a towel.	CK	1
682290	Tom used old towels to dry the dog.	Source_VOA	1
2698596	Tom dried himself with a bath towel.	WestofEden	1
1025880	Tom dried his hands with a small towel.	CK	1
2486696	I always have a couple of beach towels in my car.	CK	1
1877551	Tom stepped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around his waist.	CK	1
434974	He needs a towel.	lukaszpp
2002519	The towel is dry.	bichodebola
2002518	The towel is wet.	bichodebola
3071372	Where's my towel?	sharptoothed
1442379	She wrung the towel.	Guybrush88
657171	He threw in the towel.	CM
35847	Bring me a moist towel.	CK
65056	Do you have hot towels?	CK
2713474	Tom handed Mary a towel.	CK
2957817	Tom reached for a towel.	CK
3031000	Could I have some towels?	sharptoothed
3328486	Can I have a towel, please?	CK
41093	Dry your face with a towel.	CK
2895929	Can I get some clean towels?	verdulo
3329547	Can somebody get me a towel?	CK
288032	He wet the towel with water.	CM
3347180	I wrapped myself in a towel.	Hybrid
1170426	The towel was quite useless.	CK
462968	The towel is in the bathroom.	lukaszpp
539026	There is only one bath towel.	CK
291602	He dried himself with a towel.	CK
311525	She dried her face on a towel.	CK
291604	He wetted his towel with water.	CM
1170419	The towel wasn't at all useful.	CK
1170417	The towel wasn't useful at all.	CK
463068	There are no towels in room 15.	lukaszpp