English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Tourist" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2549059	I'm not a tourist.	CK	1
2243583	They're all tourists.	CK	1
1939395	I would like a tourist visa.	linguine	1
2288170	You hate tourists, don't you?	CK	1
2486692	I saw many tourists on the beach.	CK	1
2688947	I don't want to look like a tourist.	Hybrid	1
20924	Where is the tourist information office?	CK	1
325580	The tourists were ripped off at the nightclub.	CK	1
307671	They approached the tourists and asked them for money.	CK	1
3148465	Do you know how many tourists come to Boston every day?	CK	1
1024141	Tom spent most days begging for money in front of tourist attractions.	CK	1
514761	I am a tourist.	boracasli
3212856	It's for tourists.	Hybrid
1822839	I'm just a tourist.	Spamster
256731	I have a tourist visa.	CK
2209077	I'm here as a tourist.	freddy1
2688946	You look like a tourist.	Hybrid
896133	I work in a tourist agency.	pauldhunt
1977713	Pickpockets target tourists.	Spamster
890472	There are many tourists in town.	Scott
2705324	Why are Chinese tourists so rude?	WestofEden
19302	Kyoto is visited by many tourists.	CK
20921	Tourists have increased in number.	CK
34964	Hawaii is a popular tourist resort.	CK
2483121	It's a popular tourist destination.	Hybrid
680398	The tourist bus crossed the border.	Source_VOA
274817	A lot of tourists invaded the island.	CM
2819535	This beach is a popular tourist spot.	Hybrid
19300	Kyoto depends on the tourist industry.	ludoviko
1192340	Many tourists visit Kyoto in the spring.	CK
20917	The tourists wandered around the stores.	CK
22202	Japanese tourists abroad are big spenders.	Swift
1981161	Japanese tourists can be found everywhere.	FlamingTofu
45060	The town is always crawling with tourists.	CK
1447124	The wounded woman was a Brazilian tourist.	Guybrush88
2688949	Tom looks like a typical American tourist.	Hybrid
1445689	You run into Japanese tourists everywhere.	human600
20916	Local shops do good business with tourists.	Zifre
273348	There are many foreign tourists in Asakusa.	CK
1493056	I saw a group of tourists who spoke Turkish.	AKINCI81
325581	The tourist asked for lodging for the night.	CK
378289	In Venice, there are always lots of tourists.	CM
322458	Many tourists come to this island every year.	CK
1166340	Tourists often bought souvenirs in this shop.	yujin
24383	Tourists take over this island in the summer.	NekoKanjya
33328	Almost every tourist carries a camera with him.	CK
325582	The tourists had to leave the town before dawn.	CK
38083	Wherever you go, you'll find Japanese tourists.	CK
241111	I found the hotel crowded with foreign tourists.	CK
274816	A number of tourists were injured in the accident.	CM