English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Titan" in Example Sentences
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1534378	The Titanic hit an iceberg.	Spamster	1
41213	The Titanic sunk on its maiden voyage.	CK
1647632	Over 95% of Titan's atmosphere is nitrogen.	nonong
1251248	The Titanic's maiden voyage didn't go so well.	darinmex
1500283	He confirmed that it was the wreck of the Titanic.	CK
1534369	A hundred years have passed since the Titanic sank.	Spamster
2423006	Do you know how many people died when the Titanic sank?	CM
881432	The Titanic sank on her maiden voyage. She was a large ship.	alexmarcelo
41214	It was in 1912 that the Titanic sank during her first voyage.	CK
1109301	Do you have any idea how many people died when the Titanic sunk?	CK
1534396	The Titanic's lifeboats only had enough space to carry about half of those on board.	Spamster