English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Tiny" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2663335	There's just one tiny problem.	CK	1
3293497	Tom took a tiny bite out of Mary's donut.	CK	1
314223	She got me a tiny toy.	CK
239073	The buildings look so tiny.	CM
28416	A tiny object moved in the dark.	Eldad
272395	The baby held out his tiny hand.	CK
296996	He came from a tiny mountain town.	CK
65521	We have just a tiny bit of garden.	CM
2958334	Tom took a tiny bite of Mary's donut.	CK
3168094	We made just one tiny little mistake.	CK
15930	You look tiny next to a sumo wrestler.	Zifre
1384309	This insect is tiny, but very dangerous.	CM
2864133	Fifty families live in this tiny village.	Dejo
1078162	The human body is only made up of tiny cells.	keira_n
862973	Our world is only a tiny part of the universe.	papabear
749590	There's a tiny amount of milk left in the bottle.	Serhiy
1635451	The last time you saw her, she was just a tiny baby.	Amastan
42719	It's a tiny country that most people have never heard of.	CK
707303	That was the tiniest cockroach I've ever seen in my life.	papabear
2242706	Nothing happened except that I obtained a tiny bit of information.	AlanF_US
288932	Since he can read such tiny print, he is far from being near-sighted.	CK
62964	A spider can produce a silky substance from tiny openings on its underside.	CM
2435490	The United States cannot win a war against a big and strong country. It can only annihilate a weak and relatively small country like Serbia or Iraq. It can also win a war in less than 24 hours against a tiny island like Grenada.	Amastan