English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Tight" in Example Sentences
Page 1

40196	Sit tight.	Nero	1
2111550	Sleep tight.	CK	1
2258236	Hang on tight!	_undertoad	1
1894336	Hang on tight.	Spamster	1
2245579	Hold on tight.	CK	1
2235705	Hold Tom tight.	CK	1
2249337	It's too tight.	CK	1
2249457	Just sit tight.	CK	1
3222929	Let's sit tight.	CK	1
2404170	I run a tight ship.	CK	1
2240730	We're pretty tight.	CK	1
63389	Shut the door tight.	CM	1
1868252	Tom held Mary tight.	CK	1
2547489	We were really tight.	CK	1
2891583	It's going to be tight.	CK	1
3222974	Sit tight for a second.	CK	1
1837861	I have a tight schedule.	Spamster	1
2545935	I'm on a tight schedule.	CK	1
2358842	I have a very tight schedule.	CK	1
57127	This hat is too tight for me.	CK	1
3223046	We'll just have to sit tight.	CK	1
3223070	Sit tight. I'll be right back.	CK	1
324689	We are traveling on a tight budget.	CK	1
1838183	I hope Tom can fit me into his tight schedule.	CK	1
61054	These jeans feel too tight. May I try on another size?	CK	1
1838180	In spite of his tight schedule, Tom always has time to spend with his children.	CK	1
1838182	I understand that Tom is on a tight schedule, but I'd really appreciate it if I could get an appointment with him.	CK	1
2985527	Screw it in tight.	sharptoothed
62997	Sleep tight, Sean.	CM
2258683	Hold the rope tight.	_undertoad
29434	Pull the rope tight.	CM
874562	They're really tight.	darinmex
2819382	My shoes are too tight.	Hybrid
40075	They're a little tight.	CM
1837857	He has a tight schedule.	Spamster
2259695	This collar's too tight.	_undertoad
464214	This suit is tight on me.	lukaszpp
1444788	We have a tight schedule.	Spamster
59589	These shoes are too tight.	CK
265945	Don't let go. Hold on tight.	CK
3023710	Tom hugged Mary even tighter.	CK
1682848	Tom likes to wear tight pants.	Spamster
1846235	She loves to wear tight clothes.	LanguageExpert
2258343	He found himself in a tight spot.	_undertoad
2667362	The pants I bought are too tight.	meerkat
60978	This skirt is a little too tight.	CK
1887723	I think Mary's dress is too tight.	CK
818430	These shoes are too tight to wear.	CK
3171533	Tom found himself in a tight spot.	CK
3170700	Mary was wearing a tight red dress.	CK